Vastu Tips in Home – 7 Ways to Increase Your Wealth

vastu tips in home

Written by Ssavita Gupta

December 20, 2021

The Vastu Tips in home are very easy to implement and don’t require much of an investment on your part, so you can start improving your home’s energy right away.

In this article, I will provide some of the most amazing home renovation and improvement Vastu tips in home to increase your wealth and prosperity. These tips can make a house a wonderful place to live in.

Vastu shastra is one of the most popular yet least understood of all Indian traditions. Vastu can help you build wealth and prosperity by influencing how things work in your home.

Proper Sunlight

vastu tips in home

First Vastu tips in home is most important for those who are building new house.

Vastu lays stress on the idea that sunlight is crucial for any house to have positive energies. Natural sunlight will reduce the production of harmful bacteria and organism, boosts your immune system, has healing power and ensure positivity in your home.

Many people are unaware of the positive effects of sunlight. If you want to live a happy and healthy life, it is necessary to have sunlight. The sun has a lot of health benefits for humans. You need the sunlight to keep your body energized. It helps you to stay alert and active.

Right place & right colour

vastu tips in home

Colours play an important role in modern vastu . They can be used as remedies also . Right colours in the right direction yields positive results whereas anti colours in any direction can hamper your health , wealth and relationship.

Colours have a very important influence on our lives. You can use these colours for betterment. In fact, Vastu says that certain colours can bring positive results and other colours can be harmful. You should try to avoid the latter. The reason for this is because they may hamper your health, wealth and relationships.

Try this vastu tip in your home next time when you do white wash.


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Main door or main entrance

vastu tips in home

The main entrance should be in the positive direction only. If it’s in the negative direction, there could be problems.

According to vastu shastra, the main entrance plays a very important role in the success story of a family.

Try to have the main entrance in a positive direction only and if not possible do the proper remedy. This is another great vastu tips in home for you.

Try to avoid the main entrance in the south of south-west direction and south-west direction as Vastu provides no solution to these entrances.

The main entrances should be properly lit, decorated with beautiful torans ( as per direction colour ) and have Swastik made of kesar or haldi above the main entrance.

Try to avoid God idols on the main entrance.

Fire zones are Important Vastu Tips in Home

vastu tips for home

South east, south of south east and south are considered as fire zones. Fire is our money so try to place the kitchen in these zones only.

There should be no toilet, blue, black colour and underground water tanks in these zones as it will negatively affect your money, wealth and block your payments and also it will be responsible for no mangalik occasion at your home. Remember this vastu tip to clear money blockage. 

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Cleanliness Plays an Important Role

vastu tips home

Our homes have many energy sources. Some of them are good and some of them are bad. The best way to attract positive energy into your home is to keep a clean house.

A neat and clean house has all the positive energies. Don’t store unwanted furniture and things in the house. It blocks the free flow of energy and increases negative energy. All watches and electronics items that are not in working condition should be removed. Use fragrances and oils to attract positive energies in your home. Keep a bowl of sea salt in the dark corner of your home to remove negative energies and try to change it from time to time.

The first thing to do is to clean your house. Cleaning is very important. Cleaning is good for your health, but it also helps to attract positive energies.

Sensitive Zones

vastu tips home

There are so many things to think about when you are planning a house. This is also another important vastu tips in home.

Health is wealth. Northeast and north of north east are the most sensitive zones which are related to the health of a person . You should never neglect your health. Take care of your health.

There should be no toilet., no red and yellow colour and no overhead water tank as it will create major health issues. North east should be open and clutter-free at any cost. There should be no inverter, no electric panels in this direction. 

Also, know about your chakkars and their energies.


Place Your Locker in Positive Direction

vastu tips home

A locker placed in the right direction will increase your wealth. West is considered as the best direction for lockers.

North, south, south west, west south west are also considered as good directions for having lockers. Try to have lockers as per zonal colour and try to have cloth used in the locker as per zonal colour only. 

Follow these simple vastu tips in home for betterment of your life and let us know if you any question. Send message on Whatsapp by clicking the link on the left.


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